Member Guide

This guide will help you get the most value from your Demand Metric membership.

Follow these four steps to cash in on all that Demand Metric has to offer:

1 - Get connected: activate a Demand Metric membership and view the new member orientation video.

2 - Get content:  visit our main website to find and download our marketing tools, templates and methodologies.

3 - Get collaborative: subscribe to this blog, join our LinkedIn Group, follow up on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook to plug into the expertise of the Demand Metric community.

4 - Get coaching: put a Demand Metric analyst on your team!  Contact us about advisory and consulting services.

Watch the New Member Orientation Webinar!


The following series of posts or short videos will provide you more detail on how to leverage your Demand Metric membership.

Watch them in sequence or simply select the link for the topic of interest to you:


  1. Selecting a Demand Metric membership
  2. Adding a new user to your team membership

Accessing Demand Metric content

  1. What is your Premium Content?
  2. How to find Premium Content
  3. Managing content you have downloaded
  4. Finding out how many downloads you have remaining
  5. Using How-To Guides
  6. Using Methodologies

Managing your membership


Contacting Demand Metric